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Dried Bolets

Dried Bolets

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Explore the essence of nature in our dried bolet mushrooms, carefully picked and dried to reveal their umami richness. An invitation to a culinary adventure, these earthy delights promise to add a touch of magic to your favorite dishes. Elegantly packaged, our dried boletes transform every meal into an authentic gastronomic experience. Join us on this culinary exploration where simplicity meets sophistication, and savor nature in every bite.


For 100g

Energy: 1058 kJ (255kcal)

Fat: 3.2g

Including saturated fatty acid: 0.6g

Carbohydrate: 4.1g

Including sugar: 0g

Protein: 30g

Salt: 0g

Origin: Import (CAN, CHI, FRA,)

Valeures Nutritives

Pour 100g

Energie : 1058 kJ (255kcal)

Matière grasse : 3,2g

Dont acide gras saturé : 0,6g

Glucide : 4,1g

Dont sucre : 0g

Protéines : 30g

Sel : 0g

Origine : Import (CAN, CHI, FRA)

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